5/5 Indulge in best luxury Skincare that NZ has to offer- Savar Skincare, Living Nature, O Cosmedics, Ultraceuticals

best luxury natural Skincare in new zealand nz

I'm ending my Christmas gift guide series for 2017 with a post on the most indulgent stuff- Skincare. If you've been following me for a while, you know I'm a skincare addict. I like to use products that have proven science behind it. Stuff that works. I also don't like to spend a fortune on skincare, none of that La Prairie stuff.
Here are my top 4 picks for skincare gift sets-

1. Savar Deluxe Brightening Skincare Pack- $271 NZD from www.savaronline.com

Ahhh..the love of my life! I adore everything that Savar makes. A brand born and bred in NZ, Savar is proud of its NZ roots and has the best of pristine NZ in their luxurious products. Many of their products are a staple in my skincare routine and continue to be repurchased year after year, specially their Multi Boost Toner (best thing ever for dry skin) & their Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum.

If you check out their website, you'll be spoiled for choice. They do the best combo deals and skincare sets. All your skincare needs neatly tucked into elegant cosmetic bags. It's truly a luxury skincare.

savar skincare review

This year they've come out with their biggest and best skincare sets. Like honestly look at this beauty! A beautiful black (& sturdy!) cosmetic case that has all the skincare you'll need + more.

Savar deluxe brightening pack review


4/5 All things Nails- Faby & Jamberry

Jamberry nail wraps review

Jamberry mini heater review

Nails have to be my go-to way of feeling posh. I don't get to do it often so I actually invest in good quality nail paints and nail gadgets. I admit I've accumulated my fair share of cheap nail paint finds over the years but I've slowly and steadily gotten rid of anything I don't reach for or fancy anymore. My makeup collection follows the same rule. Quality over quantity any day!

For my Christmas Gift Guide 4/5, I have the best of nails-

1. Faby Nail Lacquers- I'm Faby Spring/Summer 2017 Collection- Mini set $30 NZD

There's reason it's best to avoid nail paint fumes when you are pregnant or have just conceived. Nail paints are actually a concoction of chemicals. Don't let the bright colors fool you. No matter how good the marketing is, these things should be used sparingly. I treat them as a luxury. When I have somewhere to go or there's a certain look that I'm envisaging, I'll put on a nail paint to complete my look. Otherwise, bare nails it is.

In saying that, I'm so glad there's companies like Faby that are making a conscious effort to bring out clean and nasties-free nail paints. Faby is an Italian brand that makes 100% vegan and cruelty free nail lacquers. They are '10-free' meaning formulated without Formaldehyde, Toulene, Dibutyle Pthalate (DBP), Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, Ethyl Tosylamide, TPHP, Acetone, Parabens and Lead.
Did I lose you in all that chemistry? Whoops!
Just know that these are better for you as compared to the traditional nail paints with those obnoxious acetone fumes. My husband always gets annoyed if I put on a nail paint in our bedroom, specially at night. He's clearly not a fan of their strong scent.


3/5 Christmas Gift Guide- The Best of Remington's Personal Gadgets

Remington Straightener curler dryer trimmer review

For day 3/5 of Christmas Gift guide, I'm talking about my personal favorite gadgets. Gadgets are always my preferred category of gifts because they last so much longer than skincare and makeup. Years n years! I always think of the person that gifted me something when I'm using the appliance/product. Isn't it an amazing feeling to be remembered every-time a person uses their straightener or hair dryer?

Last Christmas, me and husband gifted each other the gadgets we really needed. His Grooming kit was long due so I got him a Wahl set from Shavers Shop. He got me a Waterpik Water Flosser, which I've used every night since that day. It's been my best gift till date. You can check them out in last year's gift guide (Click here). I'd highly recommend checking out the Shavers Shop stores in Auckland and online. They do some pretty sweet deals and are very competitively priced. I found them to be the cheapest in NZ for the two above mentioned products.

This Christmas, I have a list of my favorite beauty gadgets. All of them from Remington. It's my favorite and most trusted brand. Their products last so long. I've never had any that's broken on me or gone faulty. I've reviewed a lot of their products on the blog too.
All the products listed below are available from Harvey Norman and other electronic retailers NZ wide. The price differences between stores are huge, so I highly recommend doing your research online before you go buy them. For instance, the Remington Curler is available for $65 on Harvey Norman today as part of a 1 day deal (Dec 6, 2017) and the same set on Farmers NZ website is for $130 NZD. How insane is that?

My favorite gift sets for this Christmas season are-

1. Remington Radiance Ionic Straightener Pack- $129.99 NZD
Just look at this! I mean look at this beauty. This is a special Christmas edition Straightener set from Remington. The matte red and black is just so gorgeous. Radiance Ionic straightener releases millions of negative ions, which allow you to create sleek frizz-free styles in minutes. The max temperature setting is 230 degrees and it even remembers the last setting you used on it. The heating time is only 15 seconds so you'll be on your way pretty quick with this one.
The set comes with a gorgeous sturdy comb and a PU leather pouch to carry it out elegantly. The inside of clutch has a heat resistant layer. Perfect gift!

Remington Radiance Ionic Straightener review


2/5 Christmas Gift Guide- Best Natural Lipstick Gift Sets by Karen Murrell

Karen Murrell Natural lipsticks review

Karen Murrell Natural lipstick gift sets

Karen Murrell True red lipstick review

I have an undying love for lipsticks. So lipstick sets are probably the best gift for someone like me who adores makeup but also loves naturally derived products. What better lipsticks than New Zealand's top export to the world, Karen Murrell. I've mentioned them a lot of times on the blog. You just have to put them on once and you'll know why! The delicious scent and even better ingredients, these natural lipsticks are going to please your lovely ladies for sure. Who doesn't like the sound of avocado & evening primrose oil, cinnamon & sweet orange. Its a dream combo. No wonder they got a mention in my last year's gift guide too. Don't worry I'm talking different sets this time :) I like to keep some variety.

Karen Murrell's lipstick quality is ace. They are very moisturizing. You can almost do them without a lip balm. The darker shades have near opaque coverage. The lighter shades need a couple of coats. Do note that these lipsticks do not have any synthetic dyes or colors. They are completely naturally derived. They don't have the insect derived ingredient Carmine (which is in most lipsticks) so they are completely Vegan & Cruelty Free too. Because of absence of these key lipstick ingredients they are a little different from your usual Revlon's and MAC's in terms of coverage, but once you get used to their feel & taste, there's no looking back. The cinnamon in them plumps up the lips a little too. They even last long, surviving food and all. Specially if you have a matching lip liner underneath.

For my second gift guide (2/5), here's my top 3 lipstick gift sets from Karen Murrell.


1/5 Christmas Gift Guide- Make the Switch

mooncup review

ethique 12 days of christmas calender

Hey! welcome to my ultimate Christmas gift guide posts.. I'll be doing one post a day this week, showing you the best that NZ has to offer this Christmas. I did a mega post last Christmas (Click here- http://www.lipsnberries.com/2016/12/christmas-2016-gift-guide-we-are-doing.html) featuring all the local NZ brands that you can support. I'm keeping the theme similar this year but also focusing on the environmental aspect. Gifts with a conscious, gifts that can make a small change, gifts that support the pristine NZ environment and gifts that I have no qualms in recommending. This Christmas, let's all be responsible citizens and acknowledge that every $ we spend speaks volumes about the kind of world we want to live in. Here are my top picks for the eco warriors in you :)

1. Mooncup from OhNatural.co.nz- $49.95

Did you know each woman will use about 11,000 disposable sanitary products in her lifetime? Can you imagine how many of them end in landfill or waterways? All of them. Ocean Conservancy Volunteers collected 27,938 used tampons and applicators on world beaches in just one day in 2013. You already know how big that number will be if we count in all the pads and panty liners we women use. Some more than others, depending on their menstrual flow.
We can definitely do better than this, considering that there are so many other alternatives available these days. I have been using my Mooncup Menstrual Cup since last 3 years. Yes! I use a menstrual cup and I have mentioned this on my social media a couple of times. It generates a lot of interest and engagement every time I post about it. I reviewed Mooncup back in 2013 and I've still been using the same cup. Best $50 I spent & in these 3 years I hardly spent a dime on pads or tampons. If you have any questions as to how to use it, put it in and get it going, I'd highly recommend reading this detailed blog-post - http://www.lipsnberries.com/2014/09/mooncup-reusable-menstrual-cup-review.html
I've covered all the questions that you might have in the blog post.

best mentrual cup review

Mooncup is a brand of Menstrual Cup made in the UK from soft, medical-grade silicone that is non absorbent, convenient, reliable and money saving. You could have it in for 12+ hours and not feel a thing (brand recommends 8 hours). There are no stuffy pants, no itchiness, no discomfort and no frequent trips to the toilet checking if pad needs to be changed. Once or twice a day, just tip the blood down the sink or while in shower. I prefer shower.
If you're thinking, gross blood!! Darling it's just your blood. This blood is sign of our fertile bodies. I'd rather see it with my own eyes and tip it down the sink than throw a blood soaked pad out in the open, to end up in landfill and waterways.

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