Remington Shine Revival Hair Dryer Review

Remington shine revival hair dryer review

When it comes to hair tools, Remington has to be my favorite brand ever! Every gadget I've owned or gifted from Remington is still holding strong years later. Gifted my sister their pearl hair straightener 4 years ago, she still uses it. Gave my mum a travel hair dryer from them about 6 years ago and I still get to use it when I go back home. Personally I own an Epilator, a Facial Cleansing Brush, straightening brush, Curling Wand and another hair dryer from them and they are all still ace. It truly is my most trusted brand. So when I was sent this new hair dryer set from them, I was beyond ecstatic. Just to clarify, I already own another classic black Remington hair dryer, its 7 years old (from my student days!) and it still works. Like how? I'm kinda bored of it now (#FirstWorldProblems). Talk about getting bang for your buck! Well done Remington.

Remington keratin argan oil hair dryer review


Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Review

Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup remover cleansing wipes review

Here's to the best makeup remover wipes I've used till date. I just had to write about them. I have an OCD for squeaky clean face. I love taking every ounce of makeup off. Makeup removers and cleansing balms are all good but makeup wipes are truly a lazy girls best friend. I don't know of any girl who looks forward to taking makeup off at the end of the day. It is such a dreaded job so I'm always on a look out for things that'll make this not-so-exciting task super-quick.

Best makeup removal wipes for dry skin Neutrogena

Its hard to find makeup remover wipes that are perfect in every way. Some don't take off makeup that well, some itch skin, some are too harsh, some smell artificial, some don't take waterproof makeup off, some don't go well with my sensitive eyes and finally some are way too expensive.

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