MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection- Now in Stores! Review + Swatches + FOTD

MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection review

MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection NZ

I don't mind the Kardashians. I seriously don't. I don't follow any member of this family on any of my social media channels (except their MUA). I am not an avid gossip magazine reader  either (apart from the odd outdated issue at the doctors!). I have never watched any episode of their hit TV series - Keeping up with the Kardashians. I know the family members by name, thanks to the myriad news articles on them. So essentially the only time I hear or see them is when something big happens..like Kim leaving her ex-husband 72 hours after their very flash wedding a few years ago (a record!), Khloe's ex found overdosed in a brothel, Kim naming her kids North West & Saint West or when Bruce Jenner came out as a Transgender and converted to Caitlyn Jenner. That was surely the biggest blow! Back then, I believed the whole scenario to be a publicity stunt but it actually turned out to be true when Bruce debuted at Caitlyn and changed from a He to a She. How brave of him/her I thought! And I still do!

I'm all for the rainbow! The LGBT rights. Everyone has the right to live & love as they please. Its mindboggling to think that Caitlyn lived a third of her life not being herself. Its sad really. But hooray for time's that have changed!
She is out with full force- a reality show in her kitty, back to good terms with family and a collection with MAC Cosmetics. Yep! All this talk to come to this.

MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection products
Image Courtesy MAC Cosmetics
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