MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour Review

MAC Next to nothing face colour review

MAC Next to nothing face colour medium dark

MAC Next to nothing foundation review

If sheer foundation is natural coverage..what would you call the coverage of a face colour? MAC is in with a completely new category and I'm finding it hard to compare it to anything I've tried before. Basically they've created a sheer wash of color for the face, think of it as a tinted moisturizer with no whitecast. The one that diffuses into skin and gives an illusion of healthy skin, almost like an Instagram Filter, when deep down you are the proud owner of dull dehydrated skin (Me Me Me!!!).


Le Mini Macaron Gel Nail Manicure Kit Review

Well well well I have never had gel nails done at a salon so should you be even trusting my opinion? Maybe you can! I know a thing or two about nail paints, I can do decent nail art, I've had a successful stint with Jamberry Nail Wraps and I use base & top coat! I'm fancy like that.
For me, Gel Manicures have always been fetish of the rich. If I can't afford it, I don't bother about it. I'd rather buy a week's groceries with $70 you see.
Well all that until I came across this French Affair a month or two ago! A hella cute French Macaron shaped Gel Manicure kit. This guy was born out of a successful Kickstarter campaign in the US and has been making waves ever since.
I was gifted the Gel Manicure kit in Sweet Mint (worth $69.99). The kit contains a Macaron shaped LED lamp, matching nail polish (sweet mint), nail file, cuticle stick, ten remover pads & a USB cord that plugs in anywhere from office desk to a usb port in the plane!


Antipodes Manuka Honey Brightening Skincare Review- Light Day Cream & Brightening Eye Cream

Antipodes skin brightening day cream eye cream review

I love natural skincare & if its made in New Zealand, I just HAVE to try it. Antipodes is one of those brands that has a cult following overseas and is amongst the top beauty exports from NZ (up there with Linden Leaves, Savar Skincare, Karen Murrell &Trilogy). I've always wanted to try out their products specially their much coveted hand cream tubes.

Early last year I attended a very casual beauty event hosted by Antipodes team where bloggers tried out their then new Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Range. Its been a while now and I'm almost finished with their day cream so I guess its time I pour my thoughts on these-

Antipodes skin brightening light day cream review


Jamberry Nail Wrap- Easter Edition- Some Bunny Nail Wrap look!

More Jamberry Nail* goodness. I've previously written in detail about them- the whole application process, longevity and my candid thoughts on them. The post is the must read if you are a Jamberry noob like I was. I did a step by step pictorial of their fool-proof application process.

To add my 2 cents here, I've been pretty happy with them. And my sister is an even bigger fan. The wraps last an easy 2-3 weeks on me. It must be my rad application skills that sister made hers last 1.5 months. Needless to say, she can't wait to get them done again.


Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Review

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules review

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules

There was no email, there was no release update...One fine day these mysterious gold capsules turned up on my doorstep (literally!). I opened the box.. Oh its the legendary Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsules!! I'm sure these have been around for decades. Why a PR sample now? So many questions! Oh wait! It's the new Advanced formulation of a skincare hero from 1990's. They've added more stuff and wow its expensive! $2.50 for one capsule? That's a lot for fancy skincare..seems like a gimmick! Anddddd so many more random thoughts.


Remington (Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish) Straightening Brush Review- Before & After photos

Remington Keratin and Argan Straightening Brush Review

Remington Straightening Brush Review

Best straightening brush for thick hair

I straightened my hair after almost 5 years so I can't be called a pro but I have still clocked a fair bit of hours straightening my mane in the mid 2000's when it was all the rage. My GHD's from those days are still going strong so I guess that was money well spent!


MAC Retro Matte Collection is back with 12 swooning shades! All details & review of 3 liquid lipsticks in here!

MAC retro matte collection review

And MAC retro mattes are back! At your nearest MAC store, 12 new nude-ish shades of Retro matte liquid lip colors are now on sale. With $50 NZD a pop, they sure as hell don't come cheap but they do pack a punch. I already a own a few shades from MAC Retro matte range (Feels so Grand, Kabuki 'This Modern Age') and couldn't be more happier with new subtler, more everyday shades. I feel the lighter shades in Retro mattes are a better pick than dark bold ones as after a lot of eating, the colors do seem to fade out near the inner lip. With nude shades, you wouldn't have that distinctive line. Of corse, things will be a lot forgivable if a lip liner is used underneath, which I never do, for research purposes.

MAC retro matte collection nz

MAC retro matte collection swatches

I was sent 3 shades from this collection and its safe to say I love them- Burnt spice (Creamy Dirty Rose), Carnivorous (a blackened red) and Ess-presso (Deepened Chocolate Brown). Ess-presso might not be my pick for an everyday wear shade but I have fallen head over heels for Burnt Spice. Such a beautiful nude shade for my medium ethnic skin. It works a charm. There's hardly any pink in it when I put it on my lips but it still works.


Back Pain Update- I was cured of 1.5 years of back pain in 40 minutes!! This is NOT a drill...

If you are not aware of my Chronic back pain journey, You should totally read this blog post first- Here's to the most painful year http://www.lipsnberries.com/2016/09/heres-to-most-painful-year.html

Done? Moving on..Here's an update. I cured my back pain. My hope did! My mind did! My determination to find a cure did. And because it happened, I'm making sure I let everyone know about it coz back pain or any other chronic pain is a ghost illness. It is depression and hopelessness & all the negativity you can find rolled into one. A very dark place to be! The place you don't wish upon your best enemies. I wanted to let you guys know of my cure because you were a part of this painful journey. This letter posted below was sent to 8 people that treated me in the past 1.5 years- 3 Specialists, 2 Physio's, 1 Chiropractor, 1 GP & 1 ACC personnel (healthcare agency of NZ). I felt they should know the cure because they are in a far better position than me to help thousand others. They are the front-line soldiers. This letter is copied word to word from what was emailed to them. I would like you to share this post with anyone in your life suffering with Chronic pain or any other chronic illness. Education about this is vital. You have no idea how immensely you can enrich someone's life. If you have any more questions, leave me a comment or send me a personal message on my email lipsnberries@gmail.com , my Instagram handle or my blog Facebook page. I'll be more than happy to answer all your queries. I have a million other things to say but I'll spare you this time...


Hello Dr,

This is Nishu S* here (Back pain patient, DOB **/**/****).  I am writing to you to let you know that I am now completely cured of back pain. It might sound over-ambitious but I will explain my rationale below. 


Becca Cosmetics Illuminating Skin Perfector in 'Champagne Pop' -Highlighter Review

Becca jaclyn hill highlighter in Champagne Pop review

Highlighters are my thing. I don't mind glowing like a disco ball. Disco balls are my thing!
Having dry skin means I love a slick looking face. To me it looks healthy. Like you're human you know. So when you have skin that's scarce on oils..you fake it! And fake it like a disco ball.
If there's one makeup item that takes my makeup next level, it is a highlighting powder (Ok..lipstick is pretty close. but you get the drift right?).

Becca jaclyn hill highlighter in Champagne Pop
With flash!
There's one highlighter that literally took the makeup world by storm late 2015.. Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop. You can't be called a makeup enthusiast if you don't know about this one. Everyone raved about it, everyone rushed to buy it. I waited and waited...for the hype to die down. It didn't. The fan base was ever growing. This Jaclyn Hill collaboration easily took Becca Cosmetics to new heights. Heck! there's people like me who knew nothing much about Becca and now they are all over it.


MAC Spring/Summer 17 Collection feat. Kabuki, James Kaliardo & Diane Kendal! Mini-reviews + Hits & misses from this collection

MAC Spring summer 2017 collection

If you follow me on Insta Story (which you totally should! coz I'm an absolute Insta addict @LipsnBerries), you'd know that last month I attended an event with MAC Cosmetics NZ where they invited the celebrity makeup artist Kabuki and the NZ beauty media got to watch him work his magic on his beautiful muse. Stellar makeup skills I tell you!! Lines between editorial and regular makeup were blurred. He was so gentle with his brushes & yet the makeup turned out to be awe-inspiring. Here's the photos of the look he created & him in action.

Kabuki NYC makeup
Kabuki makeup artist

Kabuki has worked on everyone from SJP in Sex & the city to the Kardashians. He's a humble soul too! Top marks for that. He is one of the 3 pro makeup artists that MAC has collaborated this coming season for their limited edition Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Each of them has curated their favorite products.

Kabuki Magic Collection is a mix of all things- some eye gloss, some liquid paint to powder finish eyeshadow, a cement grey retro matte lip color and an eyeshadow brush that Kabuki was quite chufed to have created. Apprently its perfect for the lower lash line and depositing color precisely over upper lash line.


MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection- Now in Stores! Review + Swatches + FOTD

MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection review

MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection NZ

I don't mind the Kardashians. I seriously don't. I don't follow any member of this family on any of my social media channels (except their MUA). I am not an avid gossip magazine reader  either (apart from the odd outdated issue at the doctors!). I have never watched any episode of their hit TV series - Keeping up with the Kardashians. I know the family members by name, thanks to the myriad news articles on them. So essentially the only time I hear or see them is when something big happens..like Kim leaving her ex-husband 72 hours after their very flash wedding a few years ago (a record!), Khloe's ex found overdosed in a brothel, Kim naming her kids North West & Saint West or when Bruce Jenner came out as a Transgender and converted to Caitlyn Jenner. That was surely the biggest blow! Back then, I believed the whole scenario to be a publicity stunt but it actually turned out to be true when Bruce debuted at Caitlyn and changed from a He to a She. How brave of him/her I thought! And I still do!

I'm all for the rainbow! The LGBT rights. Everyone has the right to live & love as they please. Its mindboggling to think that Caitlyn lived a third of her life not being herself. Its sad really. But hooray for time's that have changed!
She is out with full force- a reality show in her kitty, back to good terms with family and a collection with MAC Cosmetics. Yep! All this talk to come to this.

MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection products
Image Courtesy MAC Cosmetics
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