iHerb.com Order- July 2016 **Use PGF661 for $$ off your first order**

Money has been leaving my bank account left right & centre this month. This mid year slump seems to be draining all my moolah. Does it happen to you? All expenses come visit you at the same time. And then you decide to shop online. I admit I feel a lil guilty. Time to impose a shopping ban I think.

I made another iHerb order this month as supplies were running low. Here's what I ordered-

1. My regular supply of Life Flo Rosehip Seed Oil- $8.25 each- AS ALWAYS! I figure this is the reason I go on iHerb but then I order some more. Its my favorite face oil and even after 3 years of using it everyday my love affair with this one is still going strong. Full review here.


it'S SKIN Rose Sheet Mask Review

You know Roses are my thing! I haven't met anyone as crazy about Roses as myself so I'm gonna go ahead and claim the title of a 'Rose Addict'. If a brand mentions ROSE on packaging, I'm sure to check out the product. Be it perfume, face masks, cream, lotions, body wash, shampoo, essential oil, massage oil, eye cream & what not!
So when Anne-Marie from Things of Beauty website contacted me for trying out some Korean Rose Sheet masks from the brand it'S SKIN, I said a big fat YESSS! She knows me all too well #Instabuddies

And boy oh boy! I have not been disappointed. I've never quite tried anything like it. It's a sheet mask with sticky rose extract and various other serum/extracts it it. Its supposed to be put on for 15-20 minutes but it smelled so heavenly, I must have done over an hour with this one..till all the serum was gone and the sheet felt dry.


Eid 2016 Makeup Look- Blue Eyes, Red Lips + Some life lessons from my mum!

Blue smoky eye makeup

They say "Once it's on the internet ..its forever". This is exactly what I'm trying to do today. I'm wearing my mum's 25 year old outfit (circa 1991), I think it looks stunning and its Eid this week so why not right?

I posted a no makeup picture with this outfit on my Instagram last week . It seemed to be a hit! The outfit fits me like a glove.. literally! I actually needed a girlfriend to help me out of it. I was too scared to wear it again. It will be heartbreaking to wreck something so precious..but I just couldn't help myself from donning it again. I felt like I needed to go all out with this one and here's it again...in full glory. And now I'm content. I'm at peace. How often do you wear your mum's outfit ? Not often right? So why not do the whole shebang when you do. 
Blue smoky eye makeup look for indian weddings
It's Eid this week too. To all my Muslim friends & readers..EID MUBARAK :) I hope you have a blissful time with friends n family. I have many Muslim friends so I can't wait to visit their homes this week for a yummy feast. Honestly, they are one of the kindest people we know! Hey Rafia :p

Here's the look details -
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