Indian Bridal Makeup- My first ever!

Indian Bridal Makeup

Indian bride makeup

Remember I was trialing makeup on friends & family last year before my trip to India? I wanted to practice getting used to other people's face. Its quite a different feeling than doing your own makeup. Try it once..its quite an interesting thing!
I also happened to try makeup on a friend of mine, Miss S. Remember that post? It was her first time with a full face of makeup. She loved it so much that she asked me to do a similar look at her wedding in India. We happened to travel to India together so shopped duty free for all my personal favorites that I could use on her. She is now a proud owner of a very practical makeup kit!
I like to play safe with makeup during weddings, specially on someone else's face, sticking to similar base but changing eye makeup, lip color and such. I'd rather use my face for creativity at this stage!


Forest Essentials Floral Makeup Remover Review

Forest Essentials Makeup Remover Review

Shayoni from Sweet & Bitter Blog is one of my favorite bloggers. Like me she's a natural skincare junkie. Actually I believe she surpasses me. So when she recommends I try a certain all natural floral makeup remover, I trust her blindly and I am indeed not disappointed.

Forest Essentials Makeup Remover india

Forest Essentials Floral Makeup Remover is one of the best makeup removers .I've tried and surprisingly its all natural- Jojoba Oil, Oilve Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Jasmine Flower Oil, Rose flower extract , Vitamin E and that is all. The Jasmine scent is simply divine.


Collection Cosmetics Long Lasting Color Lipstick in 'Cupcake Pink' Review

Collection Cosmetics lasting Colour Lipstick Review

I believe everyone has that one brand they keep hearing about when they watch Youtube tutorials by beauties overseas. For me it was Collection Cosmetics. Kaushal from Kaushal Beauty always used their Crushed Walnut single eyeshadow to contour. She was literally obsessed with it. And then it was their lasting perfection concealer. Who's who of Youtube went crazy for it. The same boat LA Girl Concealers are in right now!

Collection cosmetics NZ

So when Collection Cosmetics reached our shores, New Zealand didn't feel like such an isolated island anymore. I have to admit I had never heard much about their lipsticks so I was actually pretty pleased when I got sent two of their new season lip colors - Cupcake Pink and Fig Delight.

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