Garba/Navratri Makeup! Feat. Green Smoky Eye

Smoky Green Eye

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you know this already, coz I make big deal out of everything! This weekend I went for my first ever Garba. I got given two outfits from a Gujrati friend and couldn't decide between them so posted a photo on my social media. The response was insane. Everyone had different opinions but I really really loved the community feel. It felt like we were all real friends discussing outfit before a big night. (Here's the photo on Facebook and Insta btw). If you were one of those who commented- THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart. Thank you leaving a line. It surely made my day!

So because there was quite an interest on the post, I posted some hazy makeup shots once I was done caking my face. And you guys blew my mind again. I was about to get picked up but then it got delayed and there was still some light outside. Out comes the DSLR! It never happens. Its rare for me to actually have time to click pictures. I'm usually the one who remembers mascara on reaching the venue. There's always something or the other that misses out.

Smoky green eye for beginners

Indian Wedding Makeup


LipsnBerries Makeover Series Vol 3- Teaching squats to your Personal Trainer!

Easy indian wedding makeup NC42

So I was reciting this incident to a friend I was doing makeup on..and she came up with this analogy. I told her how I did makeup on this beautiful girl and a very pro beauty blogger Renji (from Makeupholic World) and I seriously didn't know shiz! I applied makeup on her with my shaky hands and naive techniques. And then my subject blurts "It's like teaching squats to Neil" (Neil = our Crossfit trainer) and it hit me... Yes! Its exactly like that. An apprentice teaching the master the tools of the trade.

Indian wedding makeup NC 42

However, it was so enlightening! She patiently gave me tips and tricks. That time I ruined the eye liner and we had to take the whole eye makeup off..she had a smile on. Like how? And then when I got the eye-makeup right, I ruined the under eye with eyeshadow fall outs. So we (read SHE!) had to do the whole concealer routine again. While we're at it, lets just mention that she is THE concealer queen. Renji has sussed out her routine so well..it's impeccable. In all honesty, I hardly did a thing on her face and she ended up looking stunning! I'm not doing my usual before and after so please excuse that. Lets just say my photography skills were below par in the before pics so I'm gonna skip on them this one time! But can we just stare at the after please? Coz I'm in love with her dusky skin. Its EXOTIC!


MAC Vamplify Collection! 'Speed Up' & 'How Chic is This?' Lip Glosses Reviewed!

Lets gets this straight..I'm not a Gloss girl! I'm all about lipsticks and Matte in that. Retro Matte perhaps! I have a sizable lip collection and you'd hardly find a gloss in there. So when MAC sent me these new babies..my first reaction- Squeals! Who wouldn't?
Second- Eeeep it's a lip gloss.

MAC Vamplify Collection reviews

I swear when I first saw them I thought they were that liquid to matte formula. You know like Lime Crime Velvetines! But they weren't. They were straight up pigmented lip glosses.
Quite a grim introduction right? Hold on I'm building a scenario here!!.. coz OMGee! I'm in loooove with them. Yes! in love with a Lip Gloss. Ok not so much with the pale pink one but the purple one is a total must have.

MAC Vamplify Lip gloss reviews

MAC is killing it with limited edition collection this year (Who can forget the pretty packaging of Giambattista Valli Lipsticks?). Next one in line is MAC Vamplify Collection- A Collection of 17 ultra pigmented lip glosses ($48 NZD, Limited Edition) and 12 new shades of Pro Longwear Lip Pencils ($50 NZD, New Permanent Shades) to match them. How crazy insane right? The Collection is coming into stores September 21st,2015. Be ready!


Sleek MakeUP True Color Lipstick in 'Candy Cane'! A dupe for MAC Party Parrot & Impassioned?

My dearest Renji from Makeupholic World gifted me a lipstick when we first met. I tried it on 2 week later! Its a blogger thing..Don't put lipstick on until its photographed !!And I instantly regret the 2 weeks wasted. This is easily my best lipstick shade to date. And I have a fair bit to be honest! Then someone suggested it's a dupe of MAC's Party Parrot lipstick. THE ICONIC PARTY PARROT!! The Limited Edition lipstick that comes and goes and has everyone in hysterics! When will MAC make it permanent?

Sleek true color lipstick candy cane review

Anyways, I don't own party parrot to compare them both but nevertheless Sleek Candy Cane wants me to go crazy when Party Parrot releases next. Such a stunning pink! Looks beautiful bright pinky coral during day and warm coral in night light on my NC 32-ish skintone. Its more like a mash of red, coral and pink! And bright..so so bright! And its pretty hard to photograph too.

Sleek lipstick in Candy Cane

A perfect shade for spring/summer! Glossy but doesn't stay that way after a few hours. It stains heavily. My lips stay pink till next day even after exfoliating them with bubblegum lip scrub. You know it's stubborn when next morning flatmate asks if you slept with makeup on. Hell no!!
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