Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Lotion Sunscreen SPF 55 Review!

Well its a first!! Ever spotted a sunscreen review on Lipsnberries? Clearly I don't seem to be a fan of them. Shishh... What did I say!! They are everywhere & every 50 year old has one advice to their 'now not possible' 20 year old - Wear sunscreen!

Aveeno baby sunscreen review

But I find them icky, yucky, sticky, gloopy, sweaty (Some pretty strong feelings right there!). Well all this until this baby came along... well its literally a baby - Aveeno baby lotion sunscreen & I swear its compelled me to write a review. I never had such sane intentions.

Best sunscreen for dry skin

Suggested to me by my Laser tech girl and I've been thanking her at every visit. I actually frickin love this. This one tube has made summer just cruise through.


NYX Lipliners Review- Natural, Coral, Pinky!

I'd tell you my pet peeve- A Red lip lined with deep brown lip liner! I mean why you no fill the whole lip you know? Or may be choose a matching lip liner pretty please?? Having seen countless Indian women (Read married cousins) indulging in this, I can't help but cringe at the sight of OTT* lip line. (No Offense intended)

That aside, how many of you girls use a lip liner under your lipstick? Am I the only one who thought it was too old-lady like to put one on? And few years down the line, I can't survive without one. If you haven't discovered them yet, you're in for a treat!

NYX Lipliner review - Natural- Coral- Pinky

What a lip liner does?
- Creates a beautiful lip line, defines cupid's bow, creates an enviable pout + Bonus: you can always overdraw lips if your's are barely there! It seems to be new rage. Read: Kylie Jenner Lips!
- Lipstick stays on longer.
- If your lipstick were to stray after eating meals, your natural lip won't show through. Pink lips will still look pink even after the lipsticks all gone in the gut. That's why I insist on fillin 'em all in.

NYX Lipliner review - Natural- Coral- Pinky- 1


iHerb.com Haul- March 2015!

If you read this blog regularly, you know how dearly I love my favorite online shopping website- iHerb.com (Previous haul post here). They have such wide variety of stuff, I might have gotten addicted to the surprises I find each time.

I always use DHL shipping out of all the shipping options available and highly recommend it. Its just USD $10 for this whole lot of stuff - tracked & expedited. I ordered Sunday/Monday night (can't remember!) & had the box lying on my desk Friday morning. Yes! within the same week. Its so crazy!

They have heaps of discount offers like-
  $10 off for new customer orders over $40- Enter my Rewards code- PGF661 (totally pays for shipping!)
  5% off orders over $40 for repeat customers
  Combo discounts and bulk discounts (Ex. Buy 2 of Rosehip Oils get 10%)

Here's what I ordered from them last week -

1. Doctor's Best Fully Active Vitamin B12 1500mcg ($4.99, 60 capsules)

2. Madre Labs Omega 3 Premium Fish Oil x 2 ($4.99 each, $3.17 for both, please don't ask me to explain- The wonders of iHerb combo deals)

3. Doctor's Best Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM  ($26.99, 240 capsules) -Cheaper than any I've found in NZ - Glucosamine supports joints & connective tissue- A hot fav of old people! Supposedly good for joint & shin pain that I get while running & exercise. I could really do with some relief. Ouch!


February 2015- Monthly Empties!

Can you believe its March already? Didn't we just have Christmas? What is this sorcery?

Another month end, another set of empties! To be honest, I'm not even sure how I'm running out of stuff super quick every month- certainly a boon and a bane!!

Lets get into it! Shall we? All hail the dry skin.

1.) Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser, Purifying Soya Milk (Rs. 950/ $24 USD for 200 mL)

Got dry skin? OK.. Extreme dry skin? This is for you!
"Well documented Ayurvedic herbs infused in Soya Milk" is what the brand has to say about this product.
It's a facial cleanser but feels more like massaging a lotion on face. You get the feel right? No lather, no stripping of moisture jazz. It's more of that old fashioned cleansing milk in flash packaging! Ok. But it does have some beneficial herbs.
I'm not sure if NZ ever had them but no 90's Indian girl was spared by a touch of Ayur Cleansing Milk - The promises of youthful radiant beautiful skin!

Forest Essentials version does the same. It's a makeup remover (put some on cotton pad) & regular dry skin cleanser in one. It has soothing soya milk in it so essentially a luxurious version of an age old favorite. Works great for dry skin, takes off makeup well, doesn't itch eyes. I like it but would probably not buy it again. It's a bit expensive you know! I'd rather cleanse with purifying pasteurized milk..haha! What say?

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