My Haircare Routine + some Tips n'Tricks!

Finallyyyy!! I know a few of you are looking forward to this! Not sure if its going to be helpful to anyone out there but these are the products that have been working for me for a last wee while. I keep changing my hair care routine and love experimenting with new shampoo's! Recently, I've been consciously trying to go SLS- free (it's Sodium laureth sulfate for those of you living under the rock! Basically the foamy bit that is an irritant and strips your hair of good oils and also has the ability to penetrate your skin!). Though I still can't bring myself to chuck that 1 Liter of my favorite Joico K-Pak Shampoo which has sulfates in it.

♡ My hair type: Thick, black, medium-length, dry at ends, greasy at roots after day 2.5, dandruff prone, a wee bit wavy, typical Indian unmanageable hair!

♡ I'm obsessed with long hair. My dream hair are waist length, though I'd probably never get there. I've been thinking of clip-in extensions for the longest time. Any recommendations girls?

♡ Though I have both Ghd's and a Babyliss curling wand.. I use them about once a year! So pretty much my hair aren't subjected to any heat damage. It's not intentional..I just prefer my hair wavy and natural!

♡ I like to alternate between two shampoo and conditioners. Currently, Sorbet Damage control shampoo, Sorbet Wonderbar Conditioning bar and Mane n Tail Gro Shampoo n Conditioner off iHerb.com are gracing the shelves. Oh! that Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo is off iHerb too. Guess you can make out my obsession with big, long hair!

♡ I almost always apply a leave-in treatment to damp hair


Valentines Day Mani- with a twist - fun n' girly!

If you're one of those who feel red is highly overrated, specially on Valentine's..welcome to the club!! This post is for you. You and I are in the same team. You like to be different & refuse to do the usual - you know going red & matchy matchy on Valentine's. Don't you?

So here's a fun & girly twist to your Valentine's day manicure.

Try them tonight... trust me you'll be a fan. I've even been asked where I got them done from... showing off like a PRO! #SoHumble

Here you go- pastel mint, gold & hearts = My kinda manicure.

OK. I know what you're thinking! Those hearts are seriously disfigured. I KNOW!! But I did them in a single shot- with a TOOTH PICK!! Can we excuse them now? THANK YOU!

Nail paints used -


NYX Extreme Blue Studio-Liquid Eyeliner Vs. Lime Crime Eyeliner in 'Lazuli'

Check out my new blue eyeliner? How's it? Cool? Just cool? Coz I'm obsessed with it! Presenting NYX Studio Eyeliner in Xtreme Blue- At $4.50 USD from Cherryculture.com, I might have scored a pretty big deal!

Lime Crime 'Lazuli' started a new obsession- Blue Eyeliners. Since I won't be able to afford another one from Lime Crime anytime soon ($25 for a pint size!!)... I've found a good enough alternative in NYX.

These are not the same shade...but blue nevertheless.

How does it compare to Lime Crime Eyeliner in 'Lazuli' you ask?

- Both shades are totally different. While Lime Crime Lazuli (full review here) is an azurite blue, NYX Xtreme blue is a metallic blue (See swatch below).


January 2015 Empties!

Hello World! Feb is upon us and it is officially MY MONTH! First wedding anniversary, Birthday & Valentine's Day. It's raining gifts. Lucky me! (Did you check out my Anniv gifts? It's up on Instagram & Facebook). I'll share birthday ones soon too.Whoop Whoop!

Anyways, back to my monthly post.. The January empties! It's quite a mix bunch.

1. Skinfood NZ Body Butter ($18.99 NZD) - You know I like most things from these guys and this body butter was no different. A quick summary - White in color, citrus-y notes, moisturizing & fit for summers too, absorbs pretty quick & non greasy. It has good stuff like Almond & Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Honey & Coco butter. Oh! Parabens free too. I'd quite possibly consider it again if I spot it on special at Countdown. Can't justify buying on full price.

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