MAC Prep + Prime

Ankita from Corallista got married in December 2013. I was getting married in February 2014. This was one product she included in her wedding makeup kit and so did I! As soon as I hit India, this and Ruby Woo Lipstick were the very first buys.

MAC Prep + Prime is a primer for lips. Is it worth the moolah? Here's my experience!


The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee Review!

Perks of being a beauty blogger? Friends know what to gift you. Its a narrow window - Skincare or Makeup?
MAC 'All Fired Up' lipstick was a wedding present & so is this. A basket of TBS goodies from a dear friend Sofia (Thank you ). Isn't it cute? Such a good selection of products. I have wanted that Wild Rose hand cream since last century :p

What caught my attention was this blueberry body scrub. I'm crazy for anything with berries (Our blog name... duhh!) so this was a love at first sight.

The Body Shop Blueberry Scrub is dark purple gel with blueberry extracts in it. You have to have a whiff of it! So irresistible. No wonder it has a 'Do Not Eat' sign on it. TBS says each product from this range has extract of 500 blueberries. Yummm!

My Experience:


Diwali Outfit & Makeup!

Some of you expressed interest in seeing my Diwali look so here it is! Thank you for taking out the time to leave a line on the post. Comments keep me going!

So, I'm usually always rushing before any event. A forgotten Mascara or highlighter is quite a norm! But this Diwali thanks to friends who didn't bother to get dressed on time, I actually had a bit of time to click my makeup pics. Blessing in disguise!

As I say, I'm makeup novice so both praise and critique is well appreciated!

For dress up, I chose this dual toned blue outfit with silver stone and embroidery work on it. The dupatta/veil is pretty heavy so I got a very simple Kameej (fitted tunic) and Patiala Salwar (puffed pants) made when I went to India this year.

My fittings have changed drastically since then as I'm at the heaviest I've been all my life (Thank you random cooking phase) so I had to loosen up the tunic a night before. And so I was able to breathe in it!


The Week Gone By! 6

I missed my Friday post. Sorry :( You know Diwali n all. I focused all my energy on celebrating it, writing had to wait. Its the best month of the year I reckon. There's festivity & joy in the air. Though nothing like India but still so much fun.

Diwali is all about shopping and gifts. This year I gifted myself a makeup desk. Did you catch all the live action on our Facebook page when me and Sunshine were trying to assemble it? It was a mission. Took us a whole evening that thing. Anyways, it's ready now. There's still lots I want to do on it but for now this is how it looks- My Ikea Micke desk. I'd love to add more jars, pretty decor and some drawer organizing stuff from Daiso. It's a work in progress!


Cherryculture.com Haul- 2

Hands up if you're an online shopping addict too? Its like a present to myself from myself. Last month I went a bit overboard with online shopping & the orders have finally started trickling in.

First up! Check out this Cherryculture.com haul. I've shopped from them before. They ship worldwide & stock irresistible products at shocking prices (especially for us in NZ). If not for the exorbitant shipping charges ($18 minimum), I'd be ordering from them every month. God bless StrawberryNet for free shipping. Amen!

Cherryculture.com had a '40% off everything' promotion last month & 3 of us made a combined order. This is my tiny share of the load.

- 3 x NYX soft matte lip cream in 'Antwerp' ($6 USD, $3.60 on special) : This is my absolute fav lippy. I just can't survive without it. Hence ordered 3. Damn you flatmate for claiming one :(

- NYX Studio liquid liner in SLL101 'Extreme blue' ($4.50 USD, $2.70 on special): I've been obsessed with colored liners lately. Since Lime Crime Lazuli is so expensive, I've started looking for alternatives. Definitely reviewing this soon. Its super bright by the way, beats Lazuli too! Hoping stays that long as well.


Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid lipstick in 'Shocking Coral' ! A MAC Impassioned dupe? Review + Swatches!

This has to be the quickest blogpost I've ever done! Impromptu is the word! I always have a blog schedule thing going on for coming 2 weeks - which post would go live when (just schedule, no content... haha!) and this lipstick wasn't even on the list. How did it make it? Endorphin's... Confused much?

I had mood swings the other day. PMS! Mine's pretty crap. I cry for no reason & throw tantrums. Blame it all on stupid hormones. Anyways slip slap slop sunscreen & I drag myself out for a run with Sunshine- A glorious spring day in Auckland. Had a good half hour run. All charged up with Endorphin's, my mood is at its peak best, music's on. I open my lipstick drawer (God knows why!) & look for one I've never worn before (there are many!!). The neon packaging catches my eye.
Hello Mirror... One coat... Whoaa!! 2 coats... almost slapped myself for ignoring this lipstick for over an year. Totally shocked!! How & why is it so beautiful?

No makeup, piles of sunscreen, complimentary white cast face, chapped lips, bushy brows & a neon coral lipstick. #lemmetakeaselfiefirst.

Few selfies later- A blog post!


The Week Gone By! 5

Did anyone notice my absence on the blog this week? I bet none :p I was away in Auckland for 3 days for a work training. Yup! I already live in Auckland. Just drove to a different workplace this week which was directly proportional to no internet + no spare time. The best thing about it- lavish corporate lunches. The Felafel burgers, the red velvet cupcakes...mmm..yum! I'd certainly miss that.

Who doesn't love the feeling of not knowing what treat's in at lunch? I'm practically broke so can't afford to eat out. Leftovers from yesterday's dinner cannot be erased from memory. So basically cherished the surprises I experienced at lunch hour this week.
I didn't take any pictures of food. a. No one knows I blog b. Wouldn't that be weird? Surrounded by practically your future bosses!

I was honestly youngest & least experienced of them all but it felt good so never mind. We shall all get there one day! Isn't it?

That aside! Did you check out the crazy Diwali festival video I posted on our Facebook page? I did take a couple of videos from my phone as well... via Instagram & magically lost them. Arrghh...Technology!

The shopping ban vow that I took just last week went down the drain when I stumped into Daiso in the city during Diwali festival. It's basically a chain of Japanese knick knack stores selling stuff for $3.50 each. That's my haul up there ^^ Sunshine pouch (I mean how could I not buy that?), two silicone heat-resistant mats for the kitchen (that'll be groceries right?), a cute pair of scissors, beautiful lace tape (DIY brush holder?) and some nail art stuff. All up $20. How cool is that?


Pastel Mint Nails

I'm going to talk less today. Pictures will do the job.

I came across this mani in my Instagram feed. Don't even remember which page was it!
It is just so chic & easy. Try it..you'll be surprised. I can think of so many other color combos. Going to try hot pink and cream next!


Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Flawless Finish Foundation Review!

Talk about timing! My Foundation supply was dwindling when this baby came my way... all the way from Facebook. Not literally but I won it off Maybelline NZ's Facebook page, when they gave away about 500 of them. And talk about being lucky when the shade I chose in a jiffy- '032 Golden' was a perfect match! What sorcery is this?

This is Maybelline's newest offering and my first encounter with their foundations. I quite like their BB creams though.

What Maybelline says about it?


The Week Gone By! 4

And before you know it, its Friday again. Not that I'm complaining about it!

- On the blog this week, we made a yummy DIY lip scrub & slathered on the celeb favorite power oil- Trilogy's Rosehip Oil. We also had a bit of giggle at my wedding nail fiasco. Please feel free to laugh out loud (LOL) at my expense!


What would a beauty blogger have on her nails....at her own wedding?

Take a guess? A hot red? Or perhaps a gold? The Classic Indian wedding shades!
Or maybe a full blown nail art
Or NOTHING??  What!!!

Get married & you’ll know how crazy the day is. Crazy isn't even the right word. Chaos might be it.

We reached India more than a month before wedding day. So many preps…yet a nail paint fiasco! I never saw this coming.

I did hire one of the best MUA's available then. I think we had an understanding about what needed to be taken care of that dreaded morning! Yet there was no nail paint, my fake eyelash kept coming off & my dupatta (the heavy veil) just wouldn't behave. I don't like to name & shame publicly but it was a major disappointment!

When do I realize my bare nails? In the car...on the way to our religious ceremony venue, about 4 minutes away!
I’m like oh f**k it! I'll do without it & then the whole ‘You’ll remember this day for life’ ‘Your future grandchildren will look at these pics’ thought process kicked in. Adding salt to the wound 'the photographers will take those obligatory shots when he holds my hand or when I move that strand of hair off my face". Sounds familiar? You bet… clichéd bridal pictures!


Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Review!

The winner of countless beauty awards & a hot favorite of celebrities...even the ones beyond our shores...'Trilogy Rosehip Oil' is finally on the blog!

Remember I mentioned visiting Auckland Botanical Gardens to collect Rosehips? It was for this particular post.

This is a sample bottle.
I once had a full bottle of it... late last year. Figured it'll be a perfect companion to my Indian holiday cum wedding.

Day 1- New years eve 2013
New year = New skin!
Bamm!! I drop the bottle... and my heart just sank. I posted the wreckage on Instagram.

Been back to NZ since ages and forgot all about buying another one. Until last month when Trilogy did a massive #Sharethemagic campaign. They gave away 10 mini samples to share with family & friends. Cute 2.5 ml bottles! Now I did share a few around (I swear!) but kept some of these adorable mini dropper bottles for myself too. I've been using this Rosehip Oil religiously every night since then & have noticed a difference.

Here's my Experience with this much acclaimed oil -


DIY Lip Scrub Recipe!

I've mentioned lip exfoliation in so many lipstick posts, it’s time I post this trusted 2 minute lip scrub recipe that I use.
If you are a fan of matte lipsticks… you know how important exfoliating your lips is. Nothing worse than lipstick clinging to dry patches and the peeling off dead skin. Just the thought of it makes me cringe!

My lipstick routine is as follows-

Scrub lips (Usually at night, be super gentle) 
→ lip balm/ Lip Primer → wipe excess lip balm → lip liner (same or lighter shade) → lipstick/stain with brush or straight from tube → Blot (about 2 times) → Re-apply Lipstick  Done!
It does seem quite a chore isn't it? This is my fool proof routine for matte lipsticks, like the unforgiving Lime Crime Velvetines. For the friendly forgiving ones, it's usually a bit of lip primer and lipstick straight from the tube. I'll be reviewing my favorite Lip Primers in coming weeks. 
The Lip Scrub Recipe:
You need – Caster sugar, 100% Pure Jojoba oil (or any preferred oil, the purer the better)

That’s it! To make it fancy I've added a drop of Rose Essential Oil. It gives a beautiful floral twist to it. Can totally do without it though!

It's the first time I've made a big batch of this to test storage. It's been two weeks today and the lip scrub tastes and smells the same, even while lying on my bathroom shelf. I'd recommend storing it in fridge during warmer months. 


The Week Gone By! 3

Can you believe its October already!! Just two more months to 2015... Its quite surreal &  for the life of me I can't accept that we've been married for 8 months today! Time's cruel.

Originally started to boost a personal connection between blog & readers, I've actually appreciated these posts a lot more. I notice moments, people & things that can be turned into blog content so its been better for my soul. An awakening!
You are always welcome to share this journey with me... every Friday.

For the weekend we had plans for a long walk at Hunua Falls again , this time with friends but it got cancelled, abruptly. We got up early so ended up going to 'Auckland Botanic Gardens' instead.
Hidden Agenda: I wanted Rosehip buds for my Trilogy Rosehip Oil review, which will be up coming week. But the day had so much in store for us, little did we know.


Monthly Empties- September Edition!

This has been done before. Ages ago! Hoping to continue this time around. I've never hit pan on a makeup item but skincare stuff runs out like crazy, which is good- old stuff out = new stuff in.

Here's what I finished off in September:

1. Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover ($7 for 70 ml)

Reviewed on blog last month. My favorite no frills makeup remover- cheap, efficient, doesn't itch my overly sensitive eyes. Already repurchased.

2. Skinfood Mud Masque ($13.00 for 100 ml)

Reviewed here. A firm favorite in our house. It's a volcanic clay mud masque that has moisturizing nutrients! Probably the only one that doesn't dry out my parched skin. Will be in the shopping trolley this weekend.

3. Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo* ($19.90 for 190 ml, Available online)

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