NOTD- OPI The Bond Girl Liquid Sand Collection- Solitaire- Review!

I am not gonna pretend that m a nail paint junkie and know a lot about nail them. I just love pretty colors-I have quite a collection of eye blinding brights, weird greens, deep purples and not so flattering blues.. I now long for traditional colors like red, pinks and pastels.. nevertheless, I am building up my collection slowly. Whats the hurry, anyway! (By the way, have you checked my favorite red nail paint . I love it!)

So this review is about my current favorite: its white, its glittery, its matte (sand texture!), Its bond girl, its OPI solitaire!

Such a stunner. Check it out:

OPI Solitaire

You like it?


Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick shade# 103 Review!

I have been so obsessed with lipsticks lately.. its unimaginable! I want every color that exists.. I don't mind pinks, corals, brights, reds, berries! This is coming from a girl who hardly had any lipsticks about an year ago.
So naturally I am exploring various brands these days and with the make up prices in NZ, it burns my pocket so bad!
Quick comparison- MAC lipstick here is $40 NZD, Revlon about $26, Rimmel $15
*rant rant*

Anyways, Rimmel has recently launched Kate lipsticks in New Zealand. Yup! you heard that right.. now..like few months ago! Its like we live in medieval times and the freight actually takes time getting to this tiny island.
They ran an online Facebook competition where I won Lasting finish by Kate lipstick#106. I loved it so much. Its the most unique bright pink that I had seen. So I delved into the brand more and bought another one. It was shade 103 and I'll be reviewing that today!

Product: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Rossetto# 103
Price: $15 for 0.14oz/4g
Rimmel claims:  
From Rimmel's Website!

Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream Review!

Would you believe if I say.. Months ago when I first thought of having my own blog (only in my mind!), this was the first thing I wanted to review. It is that favorite. I wanted to share this gem with the world!
So here's to the best hand cream that I know of, as I promised here : It's Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream. (long name I know!). From here on, we'll just call it Aveeno hand cream. ok?

Price: $11 NZD for 100g
Aveeno Intense Relief  Hand Cream

I have no record of how many of these I have already used up. I have two at home (back-up!), one in my car and one at work. For travels, I put some in sterilized lip balm containers and I am good to go. I cannot live without this!

Keen on reading more blabber.. ?


Avon Rich Moisture Hand and Nail Cream Review!

You know what I'll rather not write.. may be.. or may be I should? Alright I'll start with it and see how far this review goes! I've been staring at this blank sheet for about 7 minutes now... I realize I look dumb and should start typing something! ok.. This is a review about a hand cream. May be like the worst cream..! hand cream you should not bother buying ordering (unless they've changed the formulation or even packaging! Let's not name n shame the whole company coz of a mere hand cream.. right?)

So, the culprit is AVON and the product in question is their "Avon rich moisture hand and nail cream".
Sorry for the dull low light photos :(

I wish I could just do a one line review : I just don't like this stuff! and don't buy this (ok 2-line review!)
You know what I mean.. I don't want to go any further than this..

*5 minutes later*

Umm...I should at least list some pros and cons. You reckon?

OK! I'll be very very brief (Yeah right!).


StrawberryNET.com Review

Hi Lovelies

Thanks for stopping by! This is my first post ever (I am so stoked.. I can't explain!!) Yayyyy! *does a lil happy dance *and a stupid grin!

I thought I'll start my blog on a good note.. Review of my favorite favorite favorite website eva..(I hope it doesn't change and I keep having good service from them .. It'll be embarrassing not cool to be updating this post later on!)

So, ladies n gentleman ladies.. presenting before you the undisputed king for online shopping (in my world of corse!) the mighty StrawberryNET.com 

The logo!

I love them. I simply love them. I love everything about them (lovesick anyone?)

So, lets cut the blabber short..

What do I love about them? 
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